“Who Am I and Why Am I Here”

That is a great question, “Who Am I?” A proud wife and mother of 3 sons that is creative, loves food, photography, decorating, nature and anything that is positive. I have faced many challenges in my life and have lived through some scary moments. I have always enjoyed helping others and have never chosen a single charitable organization to join since I enjoy helping out wherever the help is needed. I often think that I am my own worst enemy at times because I get all these fantastic ideas in my head and by the time I go to implement one of them, I’m mentally exhausted. I strive to be kind to others, even those who have hurt me.

I have always enjoyed writing! I had moved to different neighborhoods when I was younger, which led me to write long letters to friends and relatives along with writing poems for my High School Newspaper. It is great to know that there are so many people out there with similar interests and that you can share photos and thoughts with them at any given moment. It is great to read inspirational quotes, especially when they pop up at the right moment. I look forward to sharing and finding inspirational quotes, great recipes, amazing photos and anything that makes me happy.
You have to find things that make you happy in life, so why not share them with others.