HELP! I’ve Been Stuck In The Gridlock from The Affordable Care Act!

I sent this email to 2 different local New channels to see if there was anyone out there that could help.  News 12 Long Island had a broadcast today regarding a woman having major problems with her insurance. Here is what I sent….
I am writing this email in hopes that someone can help me and I am sure MANY others that are having problems with their health insurance under the affordable care act.
In the beginning of November 2013, I received a letter confirming my application for health insurance under the ACA.  On December 27th I made my payment to Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield and received an email confirming my initial payment.  On Monday December 30th I called Empire to ask when I could expect my insurance cards and ID information.  I was told that my information had not been processed yet. I called again on January 3rd and after waiting on the phone for approximately 2 hours, (50 minutes the first call, I was disconnected & had to call back, and about 55 minutes the 2nd call). When I got through, I asked the rep. if she could please tell me what account my payment was made from and I was told that my information still not had been processed.  I then called the NY Health Exchange, waited over an hour on hold to only be told that I had to contact Empire Directly.  I have been provided 4 different phone numbers, 2 of which are for Empire, but have nothing to do with the health care exchange.  I phoned Empire again on the 8th, no record of info. and TODAY on the 10th, both numbers to Empire for the health exchange are not taking phone calls due to an overwhelming volume of calls and then you get disconnected.  I called the NY Exchange, again, was on hold for about 55 minutes, only to be told that if my payment was made to Empire, I would have to discuss this with them.  I explained that if both numbers are not accepting phone calls, how am I supposed to find out why I received an email acknowledging payment, but no payment has come out of my accounts and as to all of my other phone calls, my application is still being processed.  The rep. from the exchange put me on hold and she tried internally to get in touch with Empire and she received the same response as I did and it disconnected her, too.  She gave me 2 other phone numbers, which I did call, and I was not able to be assisted because those numbers have nothing to do with the exchange.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!  The deadline for payment is the 15th of January.  I have an email confirmation, no money has been taken from my account, I have no ID numbers other than my reference number which apparently isn’t any good.  I had asked if there was a phone number to someone in Albany that could assist me, but that didn’t go over too well.
I would greatly appreciate your help with this matter.