5 Tips for Teaching Your Kids About Modern Day Slavery

The World can be a better place. Be kind and pass it on:)

“Mommy, is this baby doll slave made?” my daughter asks, a strawberry blonde, half dressed doll in her hands.

“Probably so, Sweetheart. I wish it wasn’t that way but at least part of it probably is.”

We have conversations like this often in our home. They revolve around who made a product, why we’re not going to buy more than what we need, how people around the world live, and how we can help others live free. My kids, at 3 and 6, are becoming aware that their choices can have a global impact.

Aren’t they a little young? Nope. It’s never too early to teach your kids to make the world a better place.

Teaching about Slavery5 Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Slavery

1. Help them relate to the topic. Whether you use food, a book, a familiar story or role-play, giving your children a way to understand this topic…

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